Create your own newsletter

Increase your conversions with your existing audience while gaining new subscribers

Accessible on just about every device available, email makes for an incredibly personable and effective marketing tool. However, receiving sometimes hundreds of emails a week may not only be overwhelming, but rather quite irritating to a potential client and these days, it’s all too easy to be sent to the spam folder or for someone to just click that “unsubscribe” button. So, how can Social Media Club help you with your email marketing campaign? We can show you how to:

Email Promotions

Drive online and in-store sales with promotions tailored to your target audience. Let us help you create the perfect newsletter for your industry

Inexpensive Marketing

In comparison to other paid online advertising, email marketing is virtual inexpensive. Reach thousands of your customers without breaking the bank

Reach Mobile Users Easily

90% of the internet is navigated using a mobile device. Emails are no different. Get your brand in front of your user-base outside of social media